Infants – 4 years old

Sunday morning 9:00 am & 10:00am... Wednesday Nights 7 pm

We want to welcome all the little ones of Community Baptist to join us each weekend in a fun, safe, nurturing environment where each little one can be introduced to the love of Jesus through the love of our wonderful volunteer staff.

Here, the children have their very own space to play and learn on their level while you experience a much needed time of refreshment and spiritual growth.

Our goal is to greet each child by name as we welcome them each week with smiles and excitement. They will ultimately look forward to coming to their very own class each week.

Our Rooms

Our rooms are stocked with age appropriate clean toys and have been designed to cater to each age group in safety and decor. We take very seriously the health and safety of your little ones.

Each room also has a window where you can check on your little ones but they cannot see you!

Our Volunteers

 Your child’s safety is our #1 concern. All of our adult volunteers go through a background check before they are allowed in the rooms. Our teen volunteers are trained and monitored at all times by the adults. 

Our Policies 

Parents/Guardians: For the physical & emotional protection of all the little ones we do not allow parents or guardians in the rooms, scheduled nursery volunteers only.

Sickness: We ask that you not bring sick little ones to church. We take very seriously the safety of the children and strive to keep everyone well. If a little one has a fever, rash, or anything contagious you must keep him/her with you.

Discipline: We do practice time outs for little ones having rough days. Hitting, biting, saying “NO” and refusing to listen are unacceptable behaviors and we will politely place the little one in appropriate time outs. If this does not correct the behavior, we will text you to come pick up your little one and try again next week.